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Whistleblower Policy

We believe in honest business

Dedicated to conduct business with honesty and integrity

Uni-Tankers is committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity. To support this commitment, we have developed a complete Whistleblower Policy that outlines the procedures for reporting any suspected misconduct, corruption, or inappropriate behavior, including potential violations of our Code of Conduct.

Our policy is designed to encourage employees and other stakeholders to come forward with genuine concerns about any aspect of the Group’s activity. We want all to feel safe expressing their concerns without fear of victimization or discrimination. We take all reports seriously and conduct thorough investigations to ensure that any inappropriate behavior is addressed promptly and appropriately.

By promoting transparency and accountability, we believe we can maintain the trust of our stakeholders and uphold our commitment to conducting business with honesty and integrity. Therefore, we encourage all employees and stakeholders to familiarize themselves with this policy and to report any suspected misconduct or inappropriate behavior promptly.

Reports of potential violations of our Code of Conduct should be sent through this submission form.

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Responsible business

Sustainability is at the top of most companies’ agendas – shipping is no exception. And in Uni-Tankers, we are doing our part.

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We strive to be a great workplace, as we believe that job satisfaction and a good working environment are keywords to success.