Reinforcing our health and safety approach

Uni-Tankers expands year-round health cover for all seafarers

Uni-Tankers expands year-round health cover for all seafarers

We have expanded our crew members’ health insurance coverage as part of our continuous work to optimize health and safety

At Uni-Tankers, we describe our business as ‘A Matter of Chemistry’. This doesn’t just refer to the liquid cargoes we transport around the world, but also the importance of our people and our collaborative culture in powering Uni-Tankers forward.

What we do is incredibly important, potentially dangerous, and understandably highly regulated. We fully respect and comply with relevant conventions and regulations, but our commitment to health and safety is about more than just compliance. It’s essential for ongoing growth and a key element in our ESG work.

To protect the unique blend created by our colleagues, we must provide a safety net to support their physical and mental wellbeing. This is why we have incorporated a new health care plan into our overall approach, so that all our seafarers are covered both when at sea and at home.

While some of our crew members hail from countries where health insurance is a basic right, this isn’t the case for all. The new solution, which is called Medical Plan and is provided by shipping insurance specialists Marine Benefits, fills in these gaps.


In 2024, this coverage will be further expanded to include access to E-Psychologist — an all-in-one online mental health solution for seafarers.

E-Psychologist will be an important addition and underlines our approach to health and safety. It provides our seafarers with access to online video consultations with licensed psychologists in their native language.

“When your business is about transporting various vital liquids — from chemicals to oils — through finely balanced marine environments and in vessels weighing thousands of tons, then you must do it properly. This is why we have safety as a core focus. The introduction of Medical Plan is a great example of this. Our business would grind to a halt without the seafarers on our vessels. So, looking after them — and helping them to look after themselves — is more than just the right thing to do. It’s a business necessity,” says Martin Andersen, Crew Manager, Uni-Tankers.

Martin Andersen

Martin Andersen

Crew Manager, Uni-Tankers

As part of our efforts to continuously fuel good safety practices on our vessels, Uni- Tankers is currently running a campaign called Safety Chemistry that is designed by maritime consultants Green Jakobsen to increase a common understanding of safe behavior at sea through dialogue and insight-sharing sessions. The campaign will continue for the majority of 2024.

Want to know more about our health and safety approach across our operations? Please read our 2022/23 ESG Report.

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