We are excited to announce this significant expansion of our stainless-steel fleet


We are happy to announce a major expansion of our stainless-steel fleet. Adding four new T/C ships and the purchase of M/T Marex Noa.


The expansion includes the acquisition of one of our time charter vessels, M/T Marex Noa, which will be renamed M/T Jutlandia Swan and added to the company’s own fleet, May 2023.

Additionally, we have signed a new deal with the previous owners of M/T Marex Noa to build two new sister vessels in Japan, M/T Marex Nina which will be delivered in 2024 and M/T Marex Mia in 2025 and both placed on long-term time charter contracts with Uni-Tankers.

In addition to the acquisition above, Uni-Tankers has also signed a contract with a Norwegian partner for a long-term time charter on two J19 vessels built in 2016 and 2017. These vessels will be integrated into our fleet during the summer of 2023 and renamed M/T Swan Atlantic and M/T Swan Pacific.

“We are excited to announce this significant expansion of our stainless-steel fleet. With these new vessels, we will be able to provide even greater service to our clients around the world.”

Per Ekmann

CEO, Uni-Tankers A/S

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