Uni-Tankers New Brand Identity

Uni-Tankers strengthens its presence in core markets

The tanker shipping company Uni-Tankers steers full steam ahead towards claiming their market-leading position in shipping hazardous liquid cargo. A bold new corporate brand identity is the latest step in realizing the company’s ambitious strategy towards becoming the no.1 oil and chemical tanker operator in its core markets.

Since Per Ekmann took the helm as CEO in 2019, Uni-Tankers has carried out a successful cost reduction program and streamlined the organization to develop the agility needed to realize the company’s ambitious goals for the future.

To further accelerate and strengthen the presence of Uni-Tankers in its core markets, the company now gears up on several fronts — backed by the owner’s full commitment and, not least, financial power. Not only by renewing and improving the fleet through time charter agreements and partnerships as well as expanding the fleet with more eco-friendly and stainless-steel vessels. But also, through a new corporate identity and website that raises awareness and brings Uni-Tankers to the frontline — truly claiming a market-leading position.

“Though we may not be the biggest in the industry, decades of dedicated focus on handling and shipping environmentally hazardous liquid cargo has given us a position as a trusted partner among leading oil companies and other clients. And they are strongly backed by our local presence with offices spread across Denmark, Turkey, France, and the USA. So, we’re now at a place where it’s time to explicitly cement what we stand for and truly claim this leading position”, explains Per Ekmann, CEO of Uni-Tankers.



With a crystal-clear reference to chemical formulas, the new corporate identity uses hyphens and lowercase numbers as key components to form a truly distinctive brand expression — reflecting Uni-Tankers’ market-leading expertise in handling chemicals and oil as well as their keen attention to interpersonal chemistry. All encapsulated in the new brand promise: A matter of chemistry.

“At Uni-Tankers, we know that we’re not only shipping chemicals and oil. We’re shipping trust. And decades of experience in the shipping industry has taught us the importance of doing business based on reliability and strong relations. So, for us, it seems obvious to use the word ‘chemistry’ as the focal point for telling our story. Because it is the heart and soul of what we do — and how we do it. It carries a strong double meaning that bridges our unrivaled expertise and our people skills — which together form our winning formula in the market”, concludes Per Ekmann.

Uni-Tankers’ new corporate identity has been rolled out across online and offline touchpoints, and the first vessels in the fleet have been painted with the revitalized logo — still carrying Uni-Tankers’ well-known swan, now in a modernized and re-brushed version.



Uni-Tankers is a leading tanker shipping company trading in the intermediate and small tanker segment. The Company operates approx. 40 owned and chartered oil and chemical vessels, and the fleet is one of the youngest in its core markets. Uni-Tankers was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of the financial group A/S United Shipping & Trading Company Ltd. (USTC), Middelfart, Denmark.



Per Ekmann, CEO
M: +45 60 37 39 57



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