Endelo Swan

Fuel saving of 12.2%

It is important to Uni-Tankers to always explore new ways of reducing our impact on the environment and at the same time optimize our fleet.

Looking at fuel consumption was therefore a logical step, and during 2020 Uni-Tankers started working with various external partners who have developed technologies that reduce fuel consumption.

In June 2020, M/T Endelo Swan received an upgrade of the existing engine, and over a period of 10 months the new system was thoroughly tested.

The result was a fuel saving of 12.2% – an important step in our ambition to reduce our overall environmental impact while at the same time making our vessels more efficient.

The system installed is a class-approved on-top system which ensures constant optimization between engine and propeller. It is also adaptive and will increase efficiency as the system gets to know the vessel.

More vessels are receiving upgrades, most recently M/T Fenno Swan who has documented the same impressive results.

Next up is our good vessel, M/T Erria Swan followed by M/T Feo Swan and M/T Lillo Swan, who will receive an upgrade during dry dockings in December 2021 and November 2022 respectively.

M/T Lessow Swan and M/T Anhout Swan will also receive an upgrade of their existing engines – but with a different technology that is better suited for their specific type of engines. The upgrade has already been installed on M/T Lessow Swan in July 2021, and M/T Anhout Swan will follow during her scheduled dry docking in December 2021.

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“Reducing our impact on the environment is important not only to Uni-Tankers, but also to many of our customers. And finding new technologies that can help us do just that is high on our agenda”.

Per Ekmann

CEO, Uni-Tankers A/S

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