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Working with trainees and developing new talent is an important part of our recruitment strategy. It’s our foremost duty to provide the best training possible to motivate, encourage and grow our young people helping them to achieve their potential.

The Uni-Tankers Trainee Program

A traineeship with Uni-Tankers has a duration of 24-30 months depending on field/department of education and consists of both theoretical and practical training. The trainee will during his/her/their training spend the majority of time in the department of specialization, but the training also includes rotation to other departments to develop a deep understanding of our business.

To ensure maximum outcome of the Trainee Program, a mix of practical learning and various learning tools will be used – all leading to a trainee program consisting of a selected blend of “on-the-job” learning, mentoring and development of theoretical, practical as well as personal skills through both classroom and hands-on training.

During the traineeship, the trainee will visit and to the extent possible work at one of our foreign offices to broaden his/her/their awareness of our global organization as well as understand the size and depth of our business. The trainee will gain experience with working in a foreign environment and culture, and at the same time it will give us the opportunity to see the trainee perform under various circumstances.

A world of opportunities

Our most recent shipping trainee Mikkel Bøgstrup was permanently employed with us after he completed his traineeship.

“I have always been interested in the maritime sector; fascinated by vessels and inspired by people ashore and at sea. So, when I saw an opportunity to become part of the shipping world, I knew “that’s my calling”. And lucky for me, I became part of the Uni-Tankers family where I was entrusted with responsibility from day one. I quickly evolved, learned a lot, and failed sometimes, but I was always in safe hand and never left on my own.”

“To me working with Uni-Tankers equals responsibility, personal development, and a world of possibilities. I wake up every day and feel excited to be part of this fastmoving and ever-changing shipping world. Shipping makes the world go round every single day – and I’m thrilled to be part of it.”

Mikkel Bøgstrup

Mikkel Bøgstrup

Junior Shipbroker, Uni-Tankers

Chemistry and Culture

We strive to have the best working environment. This requires an exceptional social environment and atmosphere across departments, offices, and the entire group. The chemistry between all colleagues is one of our biggest advantages and it is a very important to us. Therefore we encourage everyone – and especially our trainees – to participate in our various social events and activities.

When our young talents start their careers with us, they also join our Group Network for trainees and student assistants. The Group Network facilitates a forum where students and trainees in the Group can get to know each other, discuss and spar with each other, learn more about all our associated companies – and not least socialize and have fun with each other to create a more dynamic and open relationship and network across all companies.

Our success relies on our ability to attract the most talented young professionals – and by taking in trainees, we want to make sure it stays this way.



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Sustainability is at the top of most companies’ agendas – shipping is no exception. And in Uni-Tankers, we are doing our part.